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亚博游戏官网网址_29分钟仅出手7次!防住王哲林的并不是广东 而是福建队自己?
名称:亚博游戏官网网址_29分钟仅出手7次!防住王哲林的并不是广东 而是福建队自己?

On October 25th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the CBA regular season continued. Fujian team lost 111-123 to the defending champion Guangdong team and continued to maintain their defeat after the start of the new season. But Wang Zhelin played 29 minutes in this game, but only got 7 shots, only got 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks. Whether it is the data he played or the number of shots he made, it is very abnormal, and this also reflects the biggest problem of the Fujian team.


In fact, the Fujian team’s loss to the Guangdong team is not a surprising result. After all, from the perspective of the overall strength of the two teams, even if the Guangdong team lacks Yi Jianlian, they still have two foreign aids, Brooks and Wilms. It is much stronger than the Fujian team. But the problem is that the Fujian team's loss is understandable, but in the face of the Guangdong insider without Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin failed to dominate the basket, which is a bit surprising.


You know, in the previous games of the Guangdong team, whether it was a loss to Zhejiang in the first round or a subsequent defeat of Shenzhen and Guangsha, but Liu Zeyi, Shen Zijie and Hu Jinqiu all broke the Guangdong team's inside. The reason is simple. Without Yi Jianlian, neither Su Wei, Zeng Fanri, or Zhang Hao can't hold the Guangdong team at No. 5. Although the Guangdong team’s offense is the league’s first, they have lost points per game. Before the start of the round, it was also the lowest in the league.


So even if the Fujian team loses in this game, under normal circumstances, Wang Zhelin's data should never be so bad. So why did he only score 10 points in the end? In addition to Du Feng’s double-teaming defensive tactics, the more important reason is that the Fujian team lacks a qualified point guard, and the team after Caesars left, They also lack good tactical skills, which makes them often play in the game, but they don't know how to make a fuss about the opponent's weakness.


A detail of this game proved this point. In the case of almost half of the first quarter, the Guangdong team was already full. At this time, the most correct choice for the Fujian team should be to concentrate the ball to Wang Zhelin, who is inside. Even if he can't score the ball directly, there is a high probability that the opponent will foul and get to the free throw line.


But the result? However, the Fujian team made crazy three-pointers from the outside and did not make good use of Wang Zhelin's inside strong point. This is because they lack a good point guard and no one can pass a good ball to Wang Zhelin, as well as the lack of tactical quality of the team as mentioned above. In the following games, similar situations continued to be played out. Wang Zhelin made 7 shots before "clocking out of get off work early", far below Chen Linjian and Huang Yichao, and even worse than the young player Xu Mingzhi (he shot 8 times at the time). In the end, Wang Zhelin made 7 shots and could only rank fifth in the team.

但是结果呢?但是,福建队却从外面疯狂地投中三分球,没有充分利用王哲林的内线优势。这是因为他们缺乏出色的控球后卫,没有人可以将好球传给Wang Zhelin,并且如上所述缺乏球队的战术素质。在接下来的游戏中,类似的情况继续出现。王哲林在“早点下班”之前打了7个球,远低于陈林健和黄一超,甚至比年轻球员许明志(他当时打了8次)还差。最终,王哲林出手7次,仅排名全队第五。

Judging from the current situation, it was not easy for the Fujian team to win even one game before the arrival of foreign aid. Even if foreign aid is in place in the future, with the current tactical quality and competitive state of the Fujian team, can they really make the playoffs? The peak of athletes is only a few years, and it can be said to be fleeting. If Wang Zhelin wants to seek a breakthrough in performance, perhaps he should really consider whether he will stay in the Fujian team in the future?


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