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Pre-match poster


Tournament Preview


Against both sides: Shenzhen Kaisa VS Shandong Luneng Taishan

against both sides: she N镇Kai SA VSS撼动LUN Eng Tai山

Competition time: 18:00 on September 21


Competition venue: Dalian Jinzhou Stadium

competition Venue: DA连jin周stadium

Live preview


Sports events of China Central Radio and Television Station (CCTV5+)

中央广播电视台体育赛事(CCTV5 +)

CCTV Headquarters Fengyun Football

CCTV headquarters Fe ng韵football

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PC移动终端:苏宁易购,PP体育,PP视频,七龙珠直播,Ball Live

Internet TV (OTT): CIBN Sports, CIBN Wonderful APK




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Shandong Radio and Television Sports Channel


Pre-match sound


On the afternoon of September 20th, the 12th round of the Chinese Super League held a pre-match press conference. Shenzhen Kaisa will face Shandong Luneng Taishan tomorrow evening. The competition for the top four in Group A of the first stage of the Chinese Super League has become increasingly fierce. The next week, Shenzhen Football will usher in three key games.


The head coach of the Shenzhen Kaisa team, Cruyff, said: "We will usher in three decisive battles, and tomorrow is the first. We will fight for the three points with the belief that we will win."


Cernas attended the press conference as a representative of the team players. He believes that the team's condition is getting better and better: "My teammates and I are very confident to achieve good results and get the desired rankings."


Head coach of Shenzhen Kaisa Team Cruyff Jr


Q: One or three matches are difficult for all teams. What special method do you have? In addition, what do you think are the characteristics and threats of Luneng?


Cruyff: Shandong Luneng is a very disciplined team with a stable formation and style of play. They have players like Fellaini with a strong header ability, and passing through the wing will bring their opponents. Threatened. We must do our job well and achieve the desired results as much as possible.


In fact, the preparations for the intensive schedule of the sprint started before the FA Cup. 4 games in 10 days, we must adjust the physical state of the players to make them more energetic, so that the performance of the players on the court will be very different.


Q: Preciado has only scored two goals this season. It seems that he lacks confidence when shooting. How will you activate his form?


Cruyff Jr: Don't worry too much about Preciado's scoring efficiency, because he has a lot of scoring opportunities in the game. It is normal for the forward players to have ups and downs, and now Preciado's position on the field is different from before. We need to understand him. He is a very hard-working player, has made a lot of sacrifices for the team, and is constantly running on the court, so everyone must have confidence in him.


In addition, I want to say something about Cernas. He received the national team call, but ultimately chose to stay at the club, making this decision is very difficult. He has his own responsibility to the national team, and he is also responsible to the club at the critical stage of the team's impact on good results. In the end he chose to stay and fight with us, thanks to his dedication.


Q: So far this season, Shenzhen Football has not won against Evergrande, Suning, Luneng and other strong teams, but it hasn't suffered a lot from the scene. How do you think you want to change this situation?


Cruyff Jr: We must continue to work hard and do our best in the game. When we create a good scoring opportunity, we must turn it into a goal. If we go all out in every game and fight 100%, I believe we have a chance to win any opponent.


Q: Will the new foreign aid Praliganji replace the existing foreign aid in the first stage of the league? How are you thinking about it now?


Cruyff Jr: Through training, Praliganji has become better and better, and he is accumulating a tacit understanding with the team. Changing foreign aid is not an easy decision. The most difficult question is who to replace. We have to wait and make a decision after Praliganji's state is restored.

小克鲁伊夫(Cruyff Jr):通过训练,普拉格扬吉(Pligliganji)变得越来越好,他正在与团队保持默契。改变外援并不是一个容易的决定。最困难的问题是谁来替代。在Praliganji的状态恢复后,我们必须等待并做出决定。

Cernas, a member of Shenzhen Kaisa


Q: You did not return to the national team to participate in the game, but chose to stay. Can you share your inner thoughts?


Cernas: The time to prepare for the national team overlaps with the time for club games. This is a very complicated situation. Everyone wants to play for the national team, but I also have a responsibility to the club. I must work hard to help Shenzu complete the season goals. So after discussion, I decided to stay and finish all the games. I think I have the ability to play these games for the club. This is my duty.


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